PEACE Partnerships

PEACE partnerships are projects that include students as collaborators in learning with educators and cultural partners. All partnerships are designed to address specific student needs and to amplify the voices of under-represented communities.

On this page, you can find examples of partnerships that meet our goals by:

  • Demonstrating sustained, intensive, professional learning among educators and cultural partners who develop their own capacity to address equity, diversity, inclusion, and social emotional learning and understanding of the arts through shared practices with students (Goal #1).
  • Building students’ social, emotional, and educational empowerment toward college, career, and civic readiness (CCCR) by using Culturally Responsive Sustaining (CR-S) practices and deepening their understanding of the arts as integral to learning (Goal #2).
  • Strengthening and expanding partnerships among Long Island schools and organizations and imagining ways to share their findings beyond the classroom and region to promote the power of the arts in teaching and learning (Goal #3).
  • Developing unique methods and materials that are accessible and can be shared among other educators, cultural partners, learners, and their communities to ensure that young people are empowered through the arts to thrive in a 21st century world (Goal #4).