Curating Art Shows

Educator: Pam Gustafson, Librarian

Tina Nadeem, Art Teacher

Frank Salino, Art Teacher

Teaching Artist: Tracy Todd Hunter, “Of Colors ~ A Creative Collective” in Artspace

School: Bayport Blue Point High School

District: Bayport-Blue Point Union-Free School District


By exploring the diverse and local art scene in Patchogue, students became fully immersed not just in local culture and community, but in the behind-the-scenes work of what it takes to create an art show in a gallery space. 

Big Idea/Guiding Question(s):

  • How and why is an art show curated? 
  • How can local artists, like me, become involved in our local art community?

What learning goals/standards did this meet?


  • Students are able to perceive and analyze artistic work from a local working artist, while interpreting intent and meaning in the artist’s work.
  • Students can synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make their own future art.

CCCR (Career & College Readiness)

  • Students became aware of the local art scene and ways they can be involved in their community. 
  • Students learned about current working artists, while gaining an understanding of how they can use art to communicate and create change within a community, and bring attention to important thought-provoking issues.

CR-S (Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education)

  • Students were exposed to artists from different backgrounds and learned about the concepts behind art shows. 
  • Students began to relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural and historical context to deepen understanding.


We will know that student learning is expanded when they demonstrate that they…

KNOW… That the local art scene is vibrant and multicultural, by experiencing the show at Artspace and PAC/MOCA, the students can see local artists of all different cultural backgrounds working as an arts community and celebrating the cultures they are a part of while appreciating cultures they might not have as much experience with.

UNDERSTAND… what goes into curating an art exhibit by setting up the student art gallery for the SEA-BBS visual Art festival in May.

ARE ABLE TO… Better understand the career and work of artists and curators, as well comprehend the variety of ways thoughts and feelings can be expressed through the visual arts.