Arts Immersion

Educator: Dan Kudreyko

Teaching Artist: Oya Bangura

School: Center Moriches High School

District: Center Moriches Union Free School District


Veteran art teacher Dan Kudreyko partnered with performing artist Oya Bangura to develop an immersion day for over 60 students to explore multiple artistic disciplines and investigate ways that the arts can make us aware of differences and strengths for a more equitable future.

Student Context: Center Moriches HS has a 23% minority enrollment with only 5% in economically disadvantaged households and a 93% graduation rate. This school community chose to partner with community artists whose perspectives and cultural heritage could expand student understanding and help underrepresented students to feel visible.

Big Idea/Guiding Question(s):

  • To investigate ways that artistic experiences activate and inspire personal expression and social connection.
  • How could art share the ability to inspire and create social well-being?
  • How does artmaking contribute to the awareness and understanding of one’s lives and the lives of others in the community/world?

What learning goals/standards did this meet?:


  • VA:Cr1.2.HSI a. Consider a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices to plan works of art and design.
  • VA:Cr2.3.HSI a. Develop a proposal and create sketches or a model for an installation, artwork, or space design that transforms the perception and experience of a particular place.
  • VA:Cn10.1.HSIII a. Synthesize knowledge of social, cultural, historical, and personal life with artmaking approaches to create meaningful works of are or design.


  • Critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills
  • Ability to make a positive difference in the public life of our communities through the combination of civic knowledge, skills and actions, mindsets, and experiences.
  • Students demonstrate fundamental knowledge of Social Studies, engage in relevant experiences that include students as active participants and develop an understanding of self as part of and responsible to larger social groups.
  • Students will experience that they have rights as individuals to receive equal treatment (and to be free from unfair treatment or discrimination).
  • Self and Social Awareness – the ability to recognize how thoughts, feelings, and actions are interconnected; and the ability to take the perspective of and have respect for those with different backgrounds or cultures are required of civically minded citizens.
  • Mental Health Literacy – Socially build a sense of self-esteem and confidence.
  • Help empower students to develop their ability to make informed decisions to enhance our interconnected world and to believe in the power of the own voices and actions.


  • Students demonstrate an ability to use critical reasoning, take academic risks, and leverage a growth mindset to learn from mistakes. Students are self-motivated, setting and revising academic personal goals to drive their own learning and growth.
  • Demonstrate cooperation and teamwork, using active listening and communication skills to brainstorm and resolve conflict. Students will use interpersonal skills to build and maintain relationships in their class and school communities.
  • Develops students’ abilities to connect across cultures.
  • Students contribute to an individual’s engagement, learning, growth, and achievement through the cultivation of critical thinking.
  •  Recognize the effect of school environment on student academic performance and support efforts to improve the climate of all schools.
  • To provide the opportunity to learn about perspectives beyond one’s own scope.
  • An opportunity to use critical reasoning, take academic risks, and leverage a growth mindset
  • Messages encourage positive self-image and empower others to succeed.



How to relate and synthesize knowledge and personal experiences to inspire and inform artistic work.


How to investigate ways that artistic experiences activate and inspire personal expression and social connection.


Demonstrate the skillful adaption and combination of tools, styles, techniques, and interactivity to achieve specific expressive goals in the presentation of a variety of media artwork.