De Cuento en Cuento Writer’s Workshop

Educator: Lisa Cook, ENL Teacher

Teaching Artist: Adriana Devers, writer/artist

School: Hampton Newfield High School, 11-12th grade and Oxhead Elementary School

District: Middle Country Central School District


High School Native Language Arts Students, ENL classes, and Heritage Speakers worked with teaching artist and author Adriana Devers and Lisa Cook to explore self-awareness, mental illness, immigration, character development and loss through creative writing of their own short stories and reading and analyzing Devers’ book De Cuento en Cuento. 

Big Idea/Guiding Question(s):

How do our stories (and art in general) bring meaning that transcend and allow us to connect with others?

What learning goals/standards did this meet?:


  • Creating: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work.
  • Responding: Understanding and evaluating how the arts convey meaning.
  • Connecting: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.   


  • Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity. Exploratory enrichment and arts in ed - How do we convey meaning from artistic work?
  • Critical thinking - How do our individual stories, history and culture, assist in developing a better understanding of the world we live in? / The power of collective narrative/literature.
  • College & career readiness - understanding personal strength, importance of written and oral expression as it relates to interpersonal communication. 


  • Welcoming and affirming environment, high expectations & rigorous instruction, inclusive curriculum and assessment.

Anticipated Outcomes


Ways that prior knowledge, cultural traditions and customs, can influence original art expression and serve as a connection across artistic disciplines, while also acknowledging students’ individual stories and personal experiences. 


That literature and other art forms can have a powerful impact in our society by acknowledging the importance of our family history and personal experiences.

Students will also recognize and celebrate the diversity within our Latinx/Hispanic communities, in this case learning about a local author, her upbringing and personal journey as an immigrant and English language learner herself.


Conceive and write their own literary work, communicate individual messages, identify and emphasize meaningful cultural influences, family traditions, language, etc. 

Share their understanding in a multidisciplinary cultural presentation of literary work, poetry, storytelling, music, and rhythm & movement.