Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia 

Yanet Garcia was born in New York City and raised between a coastal corner of Greenport, Long Island, and a small town in the heart of Puebla, Mexico. Living a cross-cultural life and being a first generation Mexican American woman has drawn much of her creative and professional endeavors toward culture, passion, advocacy, and profound soulful experiences. 

Yanet recently began an endeavor that cultivates a safe space where she can guide through the exploration of movement, yoga, sound, and sacred practices. She has begun teaching yoga since living and teaching in Peru and Mexico. Yanet has continued to unfold her personal and open practice by guiding those in her community in Greenport, Cutchogue, Southold, and Manhattan. Her classes have a familiar yet eccentric flow that is paired with tribal-jungle sounds to house/funk – really setting a different and unique tone alongside its sacred intention. Vinyasa and Hatha are the styles she teaches; however, her classes are led with an intuitive and approachable flow for any level of experience. Drawing an emphasis on the idea to approach your practice with patience, compassion, grace, and an open mind.As a nomad and passionate yogi, Yanet aspires to keep immersing herself in many cultures and things that feed the soul. Through her creative and spiritual initiatives, she aspired to bring people closer to their truest essence, mother nature, and a sense of community while being guided and paying an ode to her deep Mesoamerican roots. She is always seeking new and refreshing ways of learning, teaching, collaborating, and inspiring, moving with the craving to learn and apply oneself in ways that will leave a memorable impact on communities and hunger for new ways to leave a positive and indelible mark in the world.


email: yyanetgarcia@gmail.com

ig: colibri.colective