Benny Migliorino

Benny Migliorino


Benny Migliorino (Migs) is a Long Island, NY-based environmental portrait artist and filmmaker. By engaging his skill set and imagination,  Migs can transform an everyday location into an extravagant, big-budget production with his lighting and composition skills. He uses his talents to reveal the personality and culture of small mom-and-pop shops to large-staffed corporations.

Throughout his career, Mig’s compelling images have adorned the pages of magazines such as Long Island Pulse,  Nikon World, Popular Science, Shutterbug, Field & Stream, and Popular Photography, among others. In 2015, Migliorino published a book through Amherst Media to educate readers about the importance of light within portrait photography entitled “Alternative Portraiture: Artistic Lighting and Design for Environmental Photography.” In 2020, he self-published his coffee table book called Project Face Mask It was a personal project showing the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce in his community.

His photographs have won him numerous awards over the years, including Photographer of the Year from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the Grand Award with the perfect score of 100 from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) in 2006.

To expand his creativity and further develop his artistic vision, Migs has captivated audiences through cinematography and his documentary style of shooting corporate business videos that tell a story and are not an in-your-face sales pitch.

In 2020, he drove head-first into the lost art of Wet Plate Collodion Photography. Only about 1,000 people in the world practice this form of photography.  The wetplate process was invented in 1851 and was used to document the Civil War. It only lasted 40 years?  In 2023, he was awarded $10,000 grand from the New York State Council of Arts for a wet plate project called Portraits with Purpose that showcases other creatives.

Benny is more of a historian than a photographer by documenting history for future generations.